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Business Tax Preparation Attorney in Memphis, TN

If you are a business owner, few responsibilities are more vital than your finances. The long-term success of your company depends on your ability to balance revenue with expenses, handle the instability of the market, and, perhaps most importantly, properly file your taxes. Owing the IRS more than you had expected can have devastating consequences, and legal disputes can even jeopardize your license or certification as a business owner.

At Napoleon Law Firm PLLC, our lead attorney has years of education in not just law but also in finance and business administration. We are fully equipped with the tools, resources, and skills needed to help you prepare your business taxes in a way that maximizes your benefits without risking a potential dispute.

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Common Tax Mistakes for Businesses

By nature, taxes are more complex for business owners. You must be exceedingly careful to avoid common pitfalls that may cause serious problems with the IRS.

Here are just a few of the mistakes businesses can make when they prepare to file:

  • Under-reporting income

  • Not reporting cash income

  • Over-reporting “business expenses” (i.e. luxury vacations, deductions for the home office)

  • Using sales or employee taxes for business purposes

Most (if not all) of these mistakes are considered forms of tax fraud. Without the proper precautions, the IRS may audit you or even come to believe you are willfully evading taxes, and penalties can be crippling.

With our business tax preparation services in Memphis, however, you can rest assured your taxes will be filed without error. The greatest protection against trouble with the IRS is thorough preparation, and our team at Napoleon Law Firm, PLLC believes fiercely in the power of knowledge and skill.

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While some tax preparers claim to provide comprehensive protection against audits and other legal issues, our attorney offers an unbeatable combination of financial skill, business knowledge, and legal prowess. Our tax resolution experts want you to benefit from our unique background and experience as soon as possible.

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