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Tax Litigation Attorney in Memphis, TN

You've done everything in your power to avoid trouble with the IRS, but you've just received a notice of an audit, collection attempt, or an accusation of tax fraud or willful evasion. You may feel as though the IRS is too powerful to fight, but we are here to tell you that this is simply not the case.

At Napoleon Law Firm PLLC in Memphis, our lead attorney has an extensive background in both finance and law. He treats every case with steadfast determination, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering passion for fighting for those who need the best possible defense.

If you are facing a legal dispute with the IRS, contact our tax litigation attorney immediately.

When to Hire a Tax Litigation Lawyer

Plenty of people file late returns and owe back taxes without getting into serious legal trouble with the IRS or a state tax auditor. We can help you prevent additional trouble with our tax preparation services, but if your situation has abruptly taken a turn for the worse, we are ready to step in and fight for your rights at a moment's notice.

Contact our seasoned IRS attorney right away if you are:

  • Being audited

  • Suffering from harassing collection attempts

  • Facing a criminal investigation

As with all criminal investigations, these situations can immediately jeopardize your rights. The sooner you contact our dedicated legal team, the better chance you have at obtaining the tax resolution you need and freeing yourself of IRS harassment.

You deserve the chance to fight back against an unfair audit or collection attempt. Let us advocate for you.

Our Team Knows How to Fight the IRS—& Win

Fighting the IRS is always possible, but you can only win with a highly skilled legal team in your corner. We will use a variety of strategies and work tirelessly to develop the defense you need in this stressful time.

We may employ the following tactics to build your defense:

  • Find previous rulings that support your case

  • Cite state licensing rules that apply in your favor

  • Get as detailed as possible with the facts of your unique circumstances

The IRS may use “reasonable judgment” in determining whether you had the right to certain deductions or exemptions, but this is not necessarily akin to unchangeable law. If there is a weakness in the IRS's accusations, we will expose it.

We will work to avoid taking your case to court because resolving it without litigation will cost less time and money. However, if going to court is your best option, we will fight tenaciously for your rights and future.

Secure Committed Representation Today

No matter the unique circumstances of your case, we are here to support you from beginning to end. We possess the experience, qualifications, educational background, and pure zeal needed to take on a giant like the IRS.

With Napoleon Law Firm PLLC on your team, anything is possible. Call for a free consultation today. Also serving Cordova, Shelby County, and the greater Memphis area.