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Understanding the IRS Collections Process

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At the Napoleon Law Firm, PLLC, our attorney has years of experience as well as an advanced degree in tax law. As such, he is uniquely qualified to help you understand and navigate the IRS collections process. The IRS is the most intimidating and heavily-resourced creditor you may encounter, but Attorney Napoleon has the skills, knowledge, and pure tenacity needed to help you overcome your tax crisis and save as much money as possible in the process.

For information and assistance with tax collection matters in Memphis, call (901) 805-2260 or contact us online. Our attorney can answer all your questions during a free initial consultation.

How the IRS Handles Unpaid Tax

The workings of the IRS are mysterious to many taxpayers. However, the IRS generally follows a fairly simple collections process. The better you understand this process, the easier it will be to avoid some of the worst consequences of unpaid tax and make the most out of your relief options.

In most cases, the IRS collections process is as follows:

  1. The IRS sends you a tax bill if you didn’t pay what you owed when you filed your return. Daily interest and monthly late penalties begin to accrue from the date the tax was due.
  2. If you still haven’t paid, the IRS will send you a second bill.
  3. The IRS will begin collection actions if you don’t pay after receiving the second bill.

The IRS may employ the following collection actions if you don’t pay what you owe after receiving two bills:

  • Applying your tax refunds to your bill
  • Sending a Revenue Officer to your home or business
  • Placing a tax lien (i.e. legal claim) on your property and assets
  • Levying (i.e. seizing) property, such as your wages, retirement income, Social Security benefits, real estate, or vehicles

The best way to avoid these serious consequences is, of course, to pay your bill on time. However, unexpected challenges and events outside of your control can prevent you from affording what you owe. Fortunately, you may have several tax-relief strategies at your disposal.

Assessing Your Options

When you bring your case to Napoleon Law Firm, PLLC, our attorney can help you survey all your options and provide the insight you need to make a fully informed decision.

Attorney Yancey may help you:

  • Establish an installment agreement
  • Propose a partial payment installment agreement
  • Propose an offer in compromise
  • Achieve “currently not collectible” status
  • Avoid or remove tax liens and levies
  • Litigate a tax dispute

Learn more about each of these options here.

Exemplary Counsel & Advocacy for Your IRS Collections Matter

Serving individuals, families, and businesses in Memphis and surrounding areas, Napoleon Law Firm, PLLC brings years of legal and financial experience to our clients’ tax crises. No matter what stage of the IRS collections process you are currently facing, our attorney can step in and provided the dedicated, knowledgeable advocacy you need.

The stakes are too high to handle this matter on your own—let Attorney Napoleon Yancey fight your tax battle with skill, efficiency, and determination. Call (901) 805-2260 or contact us online to schedule your courtesy evaluation today.

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